Getting Started

Deploy Decoded.AI into a Python project.

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Goal: Align your AI Project with Key Outcomes.

0. Before You Begin

Install Python

We recommend running on a Linux-based system and using a Virtual Environment.

1. Start with a Use-Case

Scaffold a New Project

Tests written at the start of a project help teams continually assess progress towards delivery.

You can use Decoded.AI to express how tests in the system link to progress on the project.

2. Get the Dependencies

Sign Up for an Account

You'll need an account to securely upload the extracted project data and view the analysis in the browser.

Don't worry, we'll start you on a free trial.

Get the Decoded.AI SDK

Our SDK guides you through setting up effective tests that link your project to key deliverables.

Install the SDK (Click to copy):

$ python3 -m pip install

3. Write, run and annotate your tests!

Annotate your tests

Our SDK guides you through annotating the tests in a project to link them to key deliverables in your project.

Start the Server (Click to copy):

$ decoded --port 5170 --host localhost

Go to the development kit (opens in a new tab):

Use the slides below for a step-by-step guide on how to use the SDK:

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